Anonymous asked: whispers would you be willing to draw rider/quill

whispers back yessss
I’ve wanted to draw them for a longass while ngl but as we’ve established I’m a lazy turd. If you have any ideas for them (or anything tbh) feel free to throw that my way tho wink wink B)

star-dork and popsicle head. I’ve actually been meaning to draw these two for ages but I never got around to it until now OOPS

I just wanna draw everyone in cute clothes always

get wrecked

gamora and thanos more like slay me

woop woop


I felt like doing a new one with different pallets!! Send a character and a number and I’ll draw them with that pallet! 

I ended up liking this color combo a lot more than I thought I would tbh

Anonymous asked: Do you use paint tool sai for your drawings or another programme? Also do you have any drawing tips for someone who wants to get into digital drawing? (I just got a tablet) Your art is amazing I LOVE your style :)

Thank you!! I do indeed use SAI, though sometimes I touch up stuff later in photoshop. I’m really bad at giving out advice tbh since I don’t know what I’m even doing half the time haha, but try out new brushes and drawing styles and experiment a lot! Don’t get too stuck only doing the stuff you’re comfortable with. :)


My amazing new Gamora costume based on the art by edithdraws

This is great oh my god!!