quick warmup thing. (○´‿`○)
Adam’s eye colour is a giant mystery I stg it just constantly changes.

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so this’ll probably be super late by the time you see it but happy birthday ammay!! you’re perf ily

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quick lazy doodle bc I miss these two sob

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I’ll fight you if you think thanos and gamora don’t care about each other tbh

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quick thingy of michael b. jordan as Johnny Storm for my girl gi (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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I can’t tell if I like this or not and I’m too lazy to finish it but I spent too much time on it to not post it fml

hooray for nonsensical light sources and other wonky stuff

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so uh these doodles have nothing to do w/ each other I just didn’t wanna post the Gamora one on its own aND YEAH ??? I’m trash

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Anonymous asked: hi there! i have been a huge fan of your art for some time now but i took a break from tumblr so i was just wondering--did you used to run an adorable ask thor blog? and is this your main tumblr or do you have another? :)

My main blog/personal is adamwarlock, and yeah I did run a ask thor blog back in the day (askthethunderer) but I deactivated it a while back. I would have loved to have kept it going but I just don’t have the motivation to run it anymore and I had deleted most of the drawings earlier anyway so yeAH I’m sorry :((

Thanks a bunch though I’m really flattered that you like my art (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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I’m blaming this on Tucker it’s all their fault

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever drawn Magus?

It’s just a quick warmup thing but yeAH I like the Magus a lot tbh I should probably draw him properly sometime (…also there’s actually more to this doodle that I got rid of bc im awful and too embarrassed to post it)

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