Adopted sisters tho.
I intentionally didn’t include Nebulas eye piece thing because she doesn’t have it in the movie prelude comic as a kid, she gets it along with her metal arm and some other things as she grows up and whatnot. Also Gamora is based on the 616 comics instead of the mcu this is a mess lmao

Adam Warlock redesign I did for absolutely no reason.
I just really miss his cape oops.

Anonymous asked: whispers would you be willing to draw rider/quill

whispers back yessss
I’ve wanted to draw them for a longass while ngl but as we’ve established I’m a lazy turd. If you have any ideas for them (or anything tbh) feel free to throw that my way tho wink wink B)

star-dork and popsicle head. I’ve actually been meaning to draw these two for ages but I never got around to it until now OOPS

I just wanna draw everyone in cute clothes always

get wrecked

gamora and thanos more like slay me

woop woop


I felt like doing a new one with different pallets!! Send a character and a number and I’ll draw them with that pallet! 

I ended up liking this color combo a lot more than I thought I would tbh